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Quagwire Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced optical modules and subsystems designed to sustain and develop High-Performance, Grid, and Cloud Computing network communities
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Fiber Optic Transceivers

Our broad portfolio of optical transceiver modules are available in a wide variety of form-factors and are fully-compatible with all major brands for all datacom and telecom networking applications.
Optical Transceivers

Active Optical Cables

F inisar's complete line of active cables accelerate high-performance computing connectivity, including: SFPwire® for 10GbE; Quadwire® for 40GbE and InfiniBand QDR; and C.wire® for 100GbE and beyond.
Active Cables

Quagwire remains committed to reducing electronic waste by collaborating with E-Recycling programs to promote proper disposal of fiber optic network equipment

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