XENPAK Brocade Compatible

10G-XNPK-ZRD – Brocade Compatible DWDM XENPAK Transceiver

10G-XNPK-ZRD Brocade compatible XENPAK Transceiver 10GBASE-DWDMBrocade Compatible 10GBASE-DWDM XENPAK Transceiver

Item No.: 10G-XNPK-ZRD-QW
  • 100% Brocade Compatible
  • XENPAK Footprint
  • Reach: 80km
  • Single-mode Fiber (SMF)
  • Manufacturer: Third-Party
  • Connector Type: SC
Product No.:
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1530-33-QW: 1530.33nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1531-9-QW: 1531.90nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1531-12-QW: 1531.12nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1532-68-QW: 1532.68nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1533-47-QW: 1533.47nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1534-25-QW: 1534.25nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1535-04-QW: 1535.04nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1535-82-QW: 1535.82nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1536-61-QW: 1536.61nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1537-4-QW: 1537.40nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1538-19-QW: 1538.19nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1538-98-QW: 1538.98nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1539-77-QW: 1539.77nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1540-56-QW: 1540.56nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1541-35-QW: 1541.35nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1542-14-QW: 1542.14nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1542-94-QW: 1542.94nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1543-73-QW: 1543.73nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1544-53-QW: 1544.53nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1545-32-QW: 1545.32nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1546-12-QW: 1546.12nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1546-92-QW: 1546.92nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1547-72-QW: 1547.72nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1548-51-QW: 1548.51nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1549-32-QW: 1549.32nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1550-12-QW: 1550.12nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1550-92-QW: 1550.92nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1551-72-QW: 1551.72nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1552-52-QW: 1552.52nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1553-33-QW: 1553.33nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1554-13-QW: 1554.13nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1554-94-QW: 1554.94nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1555-75-QW: 1555.75nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1556-55-QW: 1556.55nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1557-36-QW: 1557.36nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1558-17-QW: 1558.17nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1558-98-QW: 1558.98nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1559-79-QW: 1559.79nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1560-61-QW: 1560.61nm
  • 10G-XNPK-ZRD-1561-42-QW: 1561.42nm


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  • LABELING: Specific Labels on Request
  • WARRANTY: 2-year replacement warranty


This device is compatible with any device a Brocade Original Module would work with!

Quagwire Technologies LLC is a leading supplier of Brocade 10G-XNPK-ZRD XENPAK 10GBASE-DWDM transceivers. We have a large selection of Brocade 10G-XNPK-ZRD XENPAK 10GBASE-DWDM transceivers in stock and can ship Brocade 10G-XNPK-ZRD XENPAK 10GBASE-DWDM transceivers to you within 24 hours. All of our Brocade 10G-XNPK-ZRD XENPAK 10GBASE-DWDM transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to insure that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition. We guarantee the Brocade 10G-XNPK-ZRD XENPAK 10GBASE-DWDM Transceivers to work in your system and all of our Brocade 10G-XNPK-ZRD XENPAK 10GBASE-DWDM Transceivers come with a 2 year advance replacement warranty.

Quagwire remains committed to reducing electronic waste by collaborating with E-Recycling programs to promote proper disposal of fiber optic network equipment

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