Enterasys Compatible Transceivers

Enterasys SFP Transceivers

MGBIC-LC04-QW -100BASE-FX SFP Transceiver (Multimode, 1310nm, 2km)
MGBIC-BX10-D-QW -1000BASE-BX-D TX-1490nm/RX-1310nm SFP (SMF, 10km)
MGBIC-BX10-U-QW -1000BASE-BX-U TX-1310nm/RX-1490nm SFP (SMF, 10km)
MGBIC-MT01-QW -1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver (Multimode, 850nm, 550m)
MGBIC-LC01-QW -1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver (Multimode, 850nm, 550m)
MGBIC-LC03-QW -1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1310nm, 2km)
MGBIC-LC05-QW -100BASE-LX10 SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)
MGBIC-LC07-QW -1000BASE-ZX SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1550nm, 110km)
MGBIC-08-QW -1000BASE-ZX SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1550nm, 80km)
MGBIC-LC09-QW -1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)
I-MGBIC-GSX-QW -1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver (Multimode, 850nm, 550m)
I-MGBIC-GLX-QW -1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)
I-MGBIC-GZX-QW -1000BASE-ZX SFP Transceiver (Singlemode, 1550nm, 80km)
MGBIC-02-QW -1000BASE-T SFP Transceiver (Copper, RJ45, 100m)
I-MGBIC-GTX-QW -1000BASE-T SFP Transceiver (Copper, RJ45, 100m)
MGBIC-C27-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1270nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C29-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1290nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C31-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1310nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C33-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1330nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C35-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1350nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C37-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1370nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C39-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1390nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C41-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1410nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C43-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1430nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C45-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1450nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C47-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1470nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C49-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1490nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C51-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1510nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C53-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1530nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C55-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1550nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C57-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1570nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C59-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1590nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C61-08-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1610nm, 80km)
MGBIC-C27-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1270nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C29-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1290nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C31-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1310nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C33-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1330nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C35-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1350nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C37-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1370nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C39-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1390nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C41-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1410nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C43-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1430nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C45-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1450nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C47-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1470nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C49-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1490nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C51-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1510nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C53-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1530nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C55-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1550nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C57-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1570nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C59-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1590nm, 120km)
MGBIC-C61-LC07-QW -1000BASE-CWDM SFP Transceiver (SMF, 1610nm, 120km)


Enterasys GBIC Transceivers

GPIM-02-QW -1000BASE-T GBIC Transceiver (Copper, RJ45, 100m)
GPIM-01-QW -1000BASE-SX GBIC Transceiver (Multimode, 850nm, 550m)
GPIM-09-QW -1000BASE-LX GBIC Transceiver (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)
DGS-708-QW -1000BASE-ZX GBIC Transceiver (Singlemode, 1550nm, 70km)


Enterasys SFP+ Transceivers

10GB-SR-SFPP-QW -10GBASE-SR SFP+ Transceiver (Multimode, 850nm, 300m)
10GB-LRM-SFPP-QW -10GBASE-LRM SFP+ Module (Multimode, 1310nm, 220m)
10GB-LR-SFPP-QW -10GBASE-LR SFP+ Transceiver (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)
10GB-ER-SFPP-QW -10GBASE-ER SFP+ Transceiver (Singlemode, 1550nm, 40km)


enterasys xfp transceivers

10Gbase-SR-XFP-QW 10GBASE-SR XFP Transceiver (MMF, 850nm, 300m)
10Gbase-LRM-XFP-QW 10GBASE-LRM XFP Transceiver (MMF, 1310nm, 220m)
10Gbase-LR-XFP-QW 10GBASE-LR XFP Transceiver (SMF, 1310nm, 10km)
10Gbase-ER-XFP-QW 10GBASE-ER XFP Transceiver (SMF, 1550nm, 40km)
10Gbase-ZR-XFP-QW 10GBASE-ZR XFP Transceiver (SMF, 1550nm, 80km)
10Gbase-CX4-XFP-QW 10GBASE-CX4 XFP Transceiver (Copper, 15m)
10Gbase-25-XFP-QW 10GBASE-DWDM XFP Transceiver (SMF, DWDM, 80km)
10Gbase-27-XFP-QW 10GBASE-DWDM XFP Transceiver (SMF, DWDM, 80km)
10Gbase-32-XFP-QW 10GBASE-DWDM XFP Transceiver (SMF, DWDM, 80km)
10Gbase-35-XFP-QW 10GBASE-DWDM XFP Transceiver (SMF, DWDM, 80km)


enterasys xenpak Transceivers

10Gbase-SR-XENPAK-QW 10GBASE-SR XENPAK (Multimode, 850nm, 300m)
10Gbase-LR-XENPAK-QW 10GBASE-LR XENPAK (Singlemode, 1310nm, 10km)
10Gbase-ER-XENPAK-QW 10GBASE-ER XENPAK (Singlemode, 1550nm, 40km)
10Gbase-LX4-XENPAK-QW 10GBASE-LX4 XENPAK (Multimode, 1310nm, 300m)

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