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DFB-1310-4I-LC DFB Laser in LC TOSA for 10km Applications

Finisar DFB-1310-4L-IC DFB Laser in LC TOSA for 10km ApplicationsThe DFB-1310-4I-LC are designed to meet the challenges of high speed data and telecommunications applications over distances up to 10km over single mode optical fiber. In addition, these lasers are ideal for analog applications such as CATV and other video networks. The lasers are packaged in a hermetically sealed TO56 package and then packaged into a metal receptacle that is designed to meet very stringent optical wiggle requirements.

Item No.: DFB-1310-4I-LC

  • Uncooled DFB laser diode
  • 10km applications
  • LC TOSA package
  • Packaged with monitor photodiode
  • Includes optical isolator
  • Modulation speeds up to 4Gbps
  • Source for high-speed data-communication and telecommunication links; CATV, Satellite, and other analog fiber optic networks


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